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A simple, web based monitoring service!
Live Independently
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The CareCheck Alert system provides daily monitoring and uses your existing smart phone.
Easiest to set up and use and the lowest cost protection available

With CareCheck there is NO equipment to buy or install and NO setup or activation fees!
AgeCare Android App     provides a valuable service for those people who are responsible for the care of someone else.  This service is ideal if the person you are caring for is still able to live on their own but you just want to make sure that they are OK without having to call them regularly to check up on them.
Monitoring app The Benefit
As people get older they often want to continue to live in the home that they are familiar with but it may no longer be safe for them to be entirely on their own.  They may not need a live-in caregiver or frequent nursing visits but you want to make sure they are OK without having to call them repeatedly or have someone drop in on them frequently.  By being able to confirm that they are well and able to function normally without being a nuisance to them you will have enormous peace of mind... and so will they!
check up on aging parents What we can do for you
We provide a simple, reliable and low cost service that ensures that your loved ones or those you care about are not in any danger, whether it's a health issue or they've injured themselves and are not able to reach out for help.
Home monitoring service
independent living How it works
The way the service works is very simple. You use a standard smartphone that you keep near you at all times. When you hear or see the alert, you simple press the "I'm OK" button. If you do this within the predetermined time, nothing will happen. If you don't acknowledge the alert, an alarm message will be sent to your selected primary care giver (often your closest family member).
The system can also automatically establish a 2-way voice call so you can communicate directly (and hands free) to let them know you're OK or if you need help.
Privacy protection is important
We take your privacy and security very seriously. Any personal information will not be shared with anyone without your permission. See our Privacy Policy for more information.
Smart phone alarm service
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